Sandra Lima Argo
Liaison America
CEO & Director of Programs

Sandra Lima Argo is an educator-entrepreneur who has developed a passion for international studies throughout her career. In Brazil, her birth-country, she worked in K-12 schools in distinct roles, and as a consultant for educational institutions. Her passion took her to other countries to study and improve her understanding about Education. In Brazil, she is licensed as a language and literature teacher and has an MBA in Project Management. In England, she is licensed to teach English as a foreign language (EFL). In the US, she has a degree in Management and Leadership and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  "To live, to study and to work abroad were perfect opportunities to learn to have empathy for those who get out of their comfort zone to embrace the unknown. We are in a period when empathy is a key for connections and respectful relationships."

                                                       Global Citizen Philosophy

”A twenty-first century education, which considers the learning process of each individual, and is set up in a context of global connections and global awareness, is capable of developing students who move beyond discrete skills to a holistic ability to act as a global citizen.

A global citizen is able to critically examine world issues and life experiences of people from around the world with empathy and understanding.

A global citizen understands and appreciates diversity as a strength of human life and communicates with others for the purpose of inclusion. To develop such global citizens from the students we serve, we must first develop ourselves. 

It takes global citizens to develop global citizens.”

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